Blog Launch

During the 2012 United States Presidential election, I wrote a piece that was published in both The Chicago Tribune and The Northwest Herald.  I am launching my blog with this piece to give readers an example of my writing.  However, future posts will have a different flavor. Analyzing and criticizing political decisions and/or leaders is easy to do and not productive whatsoever. Valid criticisms are only useful when balanced with solutions or ideas for bettering the situation. When people exchange ideas with each other and our elected officials it is possible for some ideas to not only gain traction, but to also help in solving issues we all face. In my next piece, I plan to cover the dire terrorism threats America faces, again offering up ideas on dealing with Islamist Extremists. So, without further delay:  The launch.


Obama’s Hypocrisy (Written October 25, 2012)


Obama is constantly painting Mitt Romney as out of touch with middle-class Americans. This is hypocrisy at the highest level! Barack Obama spends his time with “common men” like Bruce Springsteen, Hollywood stars, rap stars, the liberal rich and famous, and the most “common man” of all, George Soros.

He spends more time campaigning and rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite than with governing or his presidential responsibilities, like attending security briefings.

I guess, according to Obama, ultra-rich people like Soros are not bad as long as they are ultra-liberal. Only conservative rich people are unfairly taking advantage of the middle class. 

Hasn’t Soros made billions on crashing world currencies? How is that helping middle-class people? Are Hollywood stars, and spoiled, young millionaire singers really representative of the middle class and their values? No! They live in a self-promoting fantasy world, and so does Obama!

What a bunch of malarkey.

James Russell Myers